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Dear Handpan friends,
I am very glad to invite you for a weekend full of Handpan.

From Thursday till Sunday we will create a harmonic time with the focus on quality time with or without instrument in a beautiful location , surrounded by beautiful nature which is ideal to relax.
The workshop is leanring intensively with the Handpan and it´s ideal for everyone who wants to meet the instrument but also for everyone who already has one and want to improve the playing or wishing to have the chance to play with other people from the community.
Next to the focus on the Handpan,

we will be some Yoga activities, fine and healthy vegetarian food and a mix between relaxing exchange on e.g. a bone fire and comforting peace with or without the Handpan.

The Instruments will be provided for the course. or if you already have an instrument feel welcome to bring it with you. We will have many different scales from different Makers , which you can discover and to find out which scale might fit to you.  

I am looking forward to meet you all.



Welcome to your own vision!

since You came in touch with this beautiful Instrument on YouTube or with street musicians, now you feel the wish to explore it yourself?

So our course for beginners is perfect for you to have a good introduction into the world of Handpan,and  exploring the playing of the Handpan with all the different types of Instruments from difference scales and different makers.

You are learning the fundamentals of the Handpan 

The possibility to play in a group is a great opportunity to have the experience of creating free improvisation together and to tune in to music as creators. 

I will close the workshop with a short concert.  

Looking forward to see you,


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